Court Reporting

Official court reporters and Court Reporting Services specialists are employed by the State of Illinois and their salaries are established by Court Reporting Services for the Illinois Courts.

The primary function of a court reporter is to make a verbatim record of all testimony in a court proceeding, and, upon request, produce a written transcript of the proceedings.  The reporter must be an excellent grammarian and speller, and must be adept at vocabulary, particularly legal, medical, and technical terminology.

Transcripts are generated upon request. The fee schedule for transcripts is determined by the Uniform Schedule of Charges* for transcripts. In order to request a transcript contact the clerk’s office of the county in which the case is filed.  The Clerk will ensure that your request is made to the correct Court Reporting Services employee.  Please have available the case number and date of proceeding that you are requesting.

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Uniform Schedule of Charges for Official Transcripts

Washington County
Brenda Engele, RPR, CSR
Court Reporter Supervisor
Official Court Reporter
(618) 327-4800 ext. 310

Monroe County
Judy Tiemann, RPR, CSR
Official Court Reporter
(618) 939-8681 ext. 222
Morgan Shields
Court Reporting Specialist
(618) 939-8681 ext. 226

Perry County
Cindy Chapman, CSR
Official Court Reporter
(618) 357-6079

Randolph, Perry, and Washington Counties
Kelly Epplin, RPR, CSR
Official Court Reporter
(618) 826-5000 ext. 158

Randolph County
Michelle Umbdenstock
Court Reporting Specialist
(618) 826-5000 ext. 156
Emily Washausen
Court Reporting Specialist
(618) 826-5000 ext. 172

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